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Cracking Open Myths on Manufactured HomesThink you know all there is to know about manufactured homes? Chances are you’ve been victim to some myths regarding manufactured homes that may have wrongly steered you away from finding your dream home at a price that makes sense for your budget.

In this article we break down the facts on the truths behind three myths you may have heard before.

MYTH #1: “Manufactured homes don’t provide the same investment potential as site-built or stick-built homes.”

TRUTH: Many people have assumed that the value of manufactured homes depreciates. This is not the case. Studies conducted at two Universities revealed that the determining factor of appreciation in both types of homes was their location. Maintenance also plays a major role.

According to the National Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, any home – site-built or manufactured/modular – located in a good area or neighborhood will generally appreciate in value depending on the local housing market and economy. In the case of a manufactured home, if it is setup on a permanent foundation with a concrete pad, blocked properly and anchored properly, and purchased from a reputable dealer who uses professional contractors, the home will be no different than a site-built home. It would appreciate in value at the same rate as a site-built home in the same area.

The cost of manufactured homes is significantly lower than the cost of site-built homes. This gives them an instant appreciation between what the home actually cost the homebuyer and what its market value is.

If properly setup and well taken care of, you are talking about a fantastic investment potential.

MYTH #2: “Manufactured homes can’t meet the same construction standards and pass the same inspections as site-built homes – that is why they are inexpensive.”

TRUTH: Most manufactured homes are built to a higher quality than the average site-built home. Many manufactured homes use 2×6 construction on exterior walls, unlike the 2×4 in an industry standard site-built home. Many of the components used in a manufactured home are the same as those found in site-built homes. Both manufactured homes and site-built homes use the same windows, doors, roof truss systems, siding and more.

Manufactured houses are required to be built to the stringent HUD Code standards. Built in a controlled factory environment, the homes are tested and inspected by HUD for construction, strength and durability, design, fire resistance, energy efficiency and performance of internal systems.

MYTH #3: “All manufactured homes look like trailers.”

TRUTH: Not anymore. Today, once the home is set it may be very difficult to distinguish from a site-built home. Now with the use of traditional site built building materials Manufactured/Modular homes have the residential look – and feel – that everyone wants.

With literally hundreds of floor plans, roof designs, covered porches, garages and additions available your home can be as custom as you choose. Chances are that your neighborhood contains many manufactured homes. Why you can’t tell them apart from site-built homes is that they are well setup, with options added, that make them fit right in the neighborhood.

Newer techniques of placement and site preparation allows the home to be “set” lower to the ground combined with the use of a concrete block wall as “skirting” to give you the look of residential distinction.