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Are you ready to buy a home? The homebuyers market certainly seems to think so. The years best pricing is now available at Future Homes of Bremerton as well as zero down on home – land loans, not to mention low interest for V.A., FHA, USDA and many more. Make sure to take advantage of the Fabulous Fall Sale going on right now! You can learn about all of the wonderful details by clicking here, but first, we want you to be well informed before making your next big purchase. We have provided you with the three most common mistakes people make when purchasing a home:

1. Jumping the Gun On Buying Property.

“Measure twice, cut once.”

When purchasing property, always have a feasibility contingency clause in the purchase agreement to allow for site inspection and more. Too many times the potentially perfect property has irreversible issues or simply the cost to develop outweighs the positives. Future Homes provides free site inspections and should the inspection prove favorable will walk you through the development process. From obtaining proper permits, choosing contractors, complete site preparations, inspections, delivery and installations Future Homes handles it all!

2. Ordering off the Internet

If it sounds too good to be true… it usually is.”

Buying directly from the factory doesn’t exist.Don’t be misguided or misled of advertising claims of buying direct from the factory at huge savings.  All sales of manufactured, mobile and modular homes are sold from licensed retail dealerships regardless of impressions that you may receive from Internet advertising.

3. Not Buying Local

Be smart, buy local.”

Many purchasers have made the mistake of purchasing a home from a dealership hundreds of miles away. This can bring more headaches and costly issues than one can imagine. When you look for help and that help is hundreds of miles away (or even states away) the frustration can grow to an all-time high! If you’d like a detailed description of the three most common mistakes someone makes while purchasing a home, click here!