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Don’t be tricked by sticker prices.

Many competitors don’t list the full price of a factory-built home in their advertisements. While these prices look attractive, they are often misleading.
When you buy any factory-built home, there are more costs involved than just the build. Below are just a few:
  • Delivery to your site
  • Complete set-up with tie-downs and blocking that meets or exceeds standards set by the state of WA
  • Tape and texture repair and carpet laying throughout
  • Complete pre-work of your home by factory-trained technicians
  • Full walk-through to ensure complete satisfaction
At Future Homes, we give the price of a full home that includes a site inspection, delivery and set up, tape and texture, carpet installation, doors, trim, and appliances. From there, we will help you choose the options that best fit your needs and budget.

What’s it really cost?

We would love to provide you with detailed pricing information on our models, including all of the additional costs that competitors aren’t listing.

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